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Are you looking for a custom or bespoke database? Check out : The free online database for home and office.

Sodadb (Simple Online Database) is a new approach to online databases.
Stripped and downsized to the bare necessities, but still very powerful.
Create your own online database in minutes. No manual needed.

Soda db - sparkling simplicity

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10.000 records

Manage (add, edit, delete) up to 10.000 records in a gridlike interface with inline editing. The easy way to manage your data. (need more records?)

Free now, free forever. No trials.

Sodadb is donationware. If you like Sodadb, you can make a donation to help us with costs. Or you can become a supporter, this will unlock more functionalities.

Sodadb offers unlimited number of users and unlimited number of databases (there is only a maximum record limit).

No signups or logins

Just click on a template on the right and you're good to go. A secret URL gives access to your database. You can even add more security to your database with a login.

Share your database

You can share your database as easy as sending out your secret URL. Or grant access to your database by adding subusers and setting rights. Another way to share your database is to embed it in your website with our API.

Embedding is dead simple, just copy and paste some code. It can be implemented in almost all websites and even standard software, such as: Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Concrete5, PHP-Nuke, Xoops, Mambo etc.

File upload

Upload images or documents and attach them to your records. You can store up to 10 MB (need more storage?).

Create online forms, the easy way.

Invite people to fill out a form with your secret URL or embed the form in your website.

Design your own database

You can create your own custom database within a few minutes. No manual needed.

SSL security

All data is send via SSL. This means an extra layer of security.

Import and export

You can use your excisting data in Sodadb by importing .csv files. If your current software can export to .csv, you can use it in Sodadb. You can export to .txt and .csv.

Powerful searches

You can search your records in depth with some powerful search options. Even regular expressions are supported.

Thanks for your free application. We use it daily to help fundraising for stray dogs in Spain.

Become a supporter (for only $3.49 per month) and get even more

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Free transfer (from Grubba or other)

Sodadb can handle the one-time transfer of your records from Grubba to Sodadb. And we will help you with the transfer of your current software (if possible).

Custom branding -
Use your own logo

When you upload your own logo, the Sodadb logo is replaced with your own. And you can set your own footer text.

To improve custom branding, we display no 'help us, donate' tag.

Set your preferences

You can set your own preferences, like the number of records shown per page and more...

35.000 records

The maximum number of records is increased to 35.000.

File upload widget with 100 MB Storage space

Upload images or documents and attach them to your records. Need more storage? For $4.99 per month you can become a supporter+.

The supporter+ version has the same extras as the supporter version but the online storage will increase to 500 MB.

Sodadb is an free online alternative for Microsoft Acces, File maker Pro and other conventional database software.
Stripped down, faster, easier, less options, less bloat. Because sometimes less is more...
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