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Sodadb templates

     Personal templates
Personal addressbook ››
Emailaddress book ››
Music collection ››
Movie collection ››
Book collection ››
Game collection ››

Online Bookmarks ››
Private Diary ››
Headache Journal / Diary ››
Recipes ››
Shopping list ››
TODO - task list ››
Online petition ››

Emergency Contact form ››

     Business templates
Telephone Note Pad ››
Business contacts ››
Buglist - bug tracker ››
Customer service database ››
Simple bulletin board ››
Assets tracking ››
Event manager ››
Time sheet ››
Week planner ››

Animal shelter db ››
Booking Enquiry Form ››

     Educational templates
Cornell notes ››
Student grade book ››
Paper / Essay (Secondary) Sources index ››

or you can use the form design service »

     database Or start a new database from scratch ››      database Or use the form design service »›


Form design service

Can't figure it out? No time? I am happy to design the forms for you.

Also filling the forms with your data (from other resources) is easy for me to do. Please contact me with your requirements.
This service is free for supporters. If you're not a supporter, I'm asking a (small) donation for this service. The amount is up to you. What you can spare or what you think the service is worth.

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